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Pathworks Overview

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In today’s competitive landscape, few companies can afford for their business and IT organizations to be out of strategic alignment. However, it is very common to find companies led by business leaders who do not understand technology and technology leaders who are not communicating effectively with their business partners.  Even more concerning is how many companies neglect to involve and communicate strategy with their most valuable assets, their employees.  

At Sendero, our broad experience and expertise in delivering successful outcomes in numerous industries allows us to identify and bridge those organizational gaps.  Our PathworksTM methodology is designed to support the client’s needs in the areas we have the most expertise and experience:  technology, strategy and business management, and human performance.  PathworksTM is our roadmap to Sendero’s commitment to defining excellence, bringing organizations together under a common goal, refining that strategy when business needs change, and ensuring your people remain the key contributors to achieving successful outcomes.  

We are passionate about identifying the path to move the needle for the client, leading the program while measuring progress toward the goal and enable the successful transformation of your organization.  You can be confident PathworksTM will guide our approach to what we do and how we do it, and allow you the peace of mind that the investment you make to develop and communicate your strategy to your organization will support your ability to effectively lead your industry and your people.

+ Business Management
+ Technology
+ Human Performance

Business Management

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- Overview

Every industry, business, and organization faces unique challenges. To compete in today’s marketplace, leading organizations utilize strategic management to effectively avoid potential pitfalls and seize market opportunities.

For any organization, determining a strategic direction involves a vision for the future. It requires industry insight, detailed organizational analysis, and, often times, risk. Strategy is in our DNA – in every project, Sendero adopts a strategic view to help clients reach their desired destination, while mitigating risk along the way.

Our broad efforts have helped clients to create strategic roadmaps – from developing department and business unit transition plans, to analyzing an industry for a possible merger opportunity. We work with our client’s team to examine and plan the details of each initiative.

Whether our clients are managing growth through an acquisition or redefining a process for efficiency, Sendero is there every step of the way.

+ Process Design

Through process design, we help businesses to save time and money. We ensure management, operational, and support processes align with our client’s strategy, reflect the client’s culture, are measureable and efficient, and enable the company to effectively implement its business model.

+ Planning & Sourcing

We work with clients to align operations, people, culture, and technology with their strategy. Activities such as defining a better experience for customers, developing and executing a sourcing/procurement strategy specific to people and other assets, defining enterprise architecture, and planning large scale change initiatives are all integral to executing a company’s strategy and realizing its vision.

+ Mergers & Acquisitions

We help clients to decide whether an acquisition is right for their organization through in-depth knowledge of the target, the overall strategy and business integration objectives. We partner with clients to ensure they have strong asset valuation, due diligence, negotiations, and plans prior to executing a deal. Once clients decide to move forward, we help them with the critical effort of melding cultures, integrating operations and technology, and aligning organizations in the same direction to support the merger. We bring peace of mind to clients developing a strategy and evaluating the nuances of executing a new partnership, merger, or acquisition.


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- Overview

Many organizations are increasingly dependent on technology to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. With these pressures, every dollar spent on technology projects must be maximized to prevent rework, delays, and unexpected costs.

That’s why Sendero’s PathworksTM framework is ideally positioned to support our clients from the beginning to the end of their technology projects. Our experience helps to guide clients in:

  • defining, selecting and implementing a custom solution,
  • integrating existing systems with an out-of–the-box solution, or
  • replacing an existing system altogether.

Our clients’ technology solutions can require one or a combination of these elements. Our flexibility and perspective allow us to be proactive in reducing clients’ potential risk – while efficiently executing a plan that meets their needs.

As a technology partner, we work side-by-side with clients to ensure their success throughout the project.

+ Technical Architecture Management

Sendero has experience designing and delivering infrastructure, application, and data architecture solutions to support business and technology strategies. We work with our clients’ development teams to provide real and useful solutions that are effectively designed, tested, implemented, managed, and controlled.

+ Data Center Solutions

We work with clients to create custom solutions that enable the successful transformation of their data center or disaster recovery plan, including planning and design, optimization, standardization, virtualization, automation, and security transformation initiatives to meet current and future needs of their organizations.

+ System Implementation & Integration

Once a technology roadmap is established, we help clients with what can be the most challenging step of a technology project: execution. We work closely with business users during the technology implementation process. Our customized approach allows us to conform to our client’s standard methodologies, or utilize our own best practices to deliver on projects of any size and complexity.

Human Performance

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- Overview

Our goal in working with clients is to align their people and culture with their core business objectives. Since every company situation is unique, we tailor an approach that meets our clients’ needs and fits their culture. Alignment can be supported by different methods; the most successful efforts are integrated.

Sendero offers three distinct practice areas to meet specialized needs, and a foundation of expertise in building high performance cultures. There are overlaps between these areas; to determine the best approach for our clients, we focus on the following:

  • Does the organizational structure make sense?
  • Does the culture enable and encourage employees to make the most of their skills?
  • Does the company have the right people with the right skills at the right time?
  • Is the client facing change?
  • How effective is the company’s communication?
  • How engaged are the employees?

Our experience in Organizational Analysis & Design, Change Management and Learning helps clients align their culture and people with key business goals, provide their people the skills to meet future challenges, and create a high performing organization.

+ Learning

Sendero develops unique and specific learning strategies. We support a broad range of learning services including curriculum planning, course design and development, training facilitation, online learning, and LMS selection and implementation, as well as strong project management, to ensure success. These efforts are designed to help increase productivity, employee engagement, and retention. Our services build effectiveness and buy-in from employees through the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding in our client’s organization.

+ Change Management

Our organizational change management experts are adept at guiding organizations through a variety of change efforts, from large-scale transformations to smaller tactical projects. Initially conducting an upfront organization change and readiness assessment, we identify and understand the impact on stakeholders and then work with clients to tailor and implement a change roadmap. The end goal is to drive adoption and facilitate long-term sustainability of the change to achieve our client’s business aims.

+ Organization Analysis & Design

Organizational analysis and design can transform a company. Working with your team to evaluate your current culture and organization, we recommend an optimal structure based on your goals and needs. We work with your teams, defining competency models and corresponding recruiting strategies to address talent gaps. We then work closely with you to provide performance management tools and practices that meet challenges head-on, but fit within your culture.

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