What Our Employees Say

"I absolutely love working at Sendero! The culture is unlike any other company’s I have ever seen and makes it a great place to come to work every day. The training they have provided from the time that I started, and throughout my projects, has given me the tools I need to be successful in my consulting career."

Amy Goad, Analyst at Sendero and OU Alumna

Campus Recruiting

It is our belief that our shared success is dependent on each consultant possessing versatility in their knowledge, skill set, and capabilities. This requires our consultants to be well-rounded, with equal focus on technology and business domains during the early stages of their careers. Our Sendero team philosophy is equally important. Our goal is to create an environment where each consultant feels valued, challenged, and rewarded. We are striving to build an organization that inspires loyalty, and are constantly looking for input on ways to achieve that goal.

Stage One Interviews

Initial discussions will be conducted at selected university campuses.

The goal will be to learn about the candidate while providing information about Sendero to allow both parties to determine if there might be a fit.  We look for people passionate about:

  • Leadership
  • Versatility
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Teamwork
  • Desire for challenge

Stage Two Interviews

Stage Two interviews will be conducted either on campus or at Sendero’s corporate offices. Candidates should expect at least two in-depth interviews related to our behavioral profile. During these interviews, candidates will have the opportunity to meet Sendero team members from across the organization.

If you are interested in a career with Sendero, please send a resume and cover to careers@senderocorp.com.

Current Opportunities

Entry-Level Professionals