Big Data

- Overview

Big Data is an evolution and a revolution. Big Data has always existed, but much of it was unstructured and unusable; the medium of collecting, managing, and analyzing it is what has changed. Cutting edge technology is harnessing vast amounts of previously unusable data, allowing business users to quickly identify trends and unlock insights into their customers and their business.

Companies of all sizes are recognizing that increasing volume, variety, and velocity of information can add immense value. Sendero is uniquely positioned to help clients derive value from big data. Our strategic partnership with a leading Hadoop platform enables our clients to make better informed decisions with less expense. Sendero can help you identify how these emerging technologies can evolve your analytics capabilities and take your business to a new level.

+ Case for Change


  • IT leadership (e.g. CIO, CTO, Directors)
  • Marketing leadership (e.g. CMO, Directors)
  • Reporting and analytics professionals


  • Big Data education and real world examples
  • Brainstorm possible opportunities based on client needs
  • Identify client requirements for data sources and visualizations


  • Big Data knowledge: understanding the capabilities and general architecture
  • Documented opportunities for utilizing Big Data capabilities
  • Big Data utilization game plan